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What is a Naked Weave?

The Most Discreet New Weave Technique

Naked Weave is a brand new take on applying weft hair extensions that uses no heat, no glue, no braids and most importantly, and what makes it so innovative, is that there are no visible connections. The trend setter. The first established weave of its kind in the UK. The way it is applied hides the connection from both the top and the bottom and also enables a more comfortable and versatile fit for most hair types. In addition to this, the positioning and sectioning makes simple and seamless row placement for the technician giving more versatility for the client making high ponytails more discreet.

Every aspect of this method is unique to us from the way we thread to the sectioning and placements. All designed for the most discreet fit.

Our technique is suitable for use with most brands of weave hair extensions so rest assured theres no need to find new suppliers if you already have a favourite.


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The most recognised Training Providers in the UK for The Most Discreet Weave Technique.

Following on from our creation of The Naked Weave™ in September 2019, not only have we set trends by being the first specialist trainers in this unique application but we’ve also broken records.

Join thousands of others by training with the market leaders and invest in this latest weave technique.

A new era of weavers has officially been created.

A Bit Of Naked Weave History

Where it all started

Ola Goldsmith founded The Hair Extension Group Ltd after 7 years of building her hair extension business from scratch with no previous experience, into a six figure thriving salon based business.

After years of ups and downs and four years of teaching many of the standard techniques, she developed her own discreet weave application technique, which in turn took the hair extension industry by storm.

Being the first specialist discreet weft training of it’s kind gave Naked Weave almost instant success and credibility including celebrity fans and being loved by some of the most inspirational technicians in the business.

Following on from this in early 2020, The Hair Extension Group was created on Facebook to build a support and educational community for those working in the hair extension industry. Ola found it extremely hard starting out back in 2012, so she wanted to create what she believed would help anyone needing further support once qualifying. It’s a tough yet very rewarding business if you work hard at it.

Giving help and advice to others is something Ola has always found rewarding, hence her journey into teaching. We hope you love the community we’re building and we hope your journey becomes the ultimate success story.

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