Marketing For Hair Pros

Our 10 step guide to becoming a marketing boss within your hair extension business. You’ll want to be comfy as this is a content heavy series with so much to learn. You’ll become a customer magnet and a stand out brand. This series helps people gain more clients, save money and earn thousands extra per month. This series features mainly video based learning so is perfect for visual learners.

Self Development and Mindset Masterclass

Gain confidence in yourself and your hair extension business in this power hour with TV star Holly Mathews

Instagram Launch and Growth with Anna – Socialista

Anna Khanna CEO of Socialista teaches you how to launch and grow your Instagram like a pro with a detailed training session on exactly what to do. You’ll learn how to maximise your success and GROW! Including profile set up, captions, content, hashtags, insights, visibility and so much more.

Canva Graphics Masterclass

What Is Canva?

A free graphic design app that The Hair Extension Group Ltd and many other businesses use to create all of our scroll-stopping graphics and imagery!

What Will I Learn?

We’ve had an expert create this 1 hour masterclass to turn you into a Canva genius, taking your graphics from beginner to pro!!

Marketing Masterclass with Victoria Underwood

Youtuber / Influencer and Marketing CEO Victoria Underwood gives you a power hour on branding, social media marketing, influencer marketing and so much more including how to create professional adverts on Facebook and Instagram as well as editing tips.

Brand Building Series with Ola Goldsmith

An amazing insight and guide into building your new or existing small business into a recognised brand using mainly online strategies and concepts. In this masterclass presented by Ola Goldsmith. We have sourced information from some of the best in the business to help you to bring your brand to life. A brand can be any product or service but we’ve focused this masterclass series around the hairdressing and extension industry as thats our speciality. Although the concepts can be easily applied to most other industries.


  • Getting Started
  • Branding & Image
  • Being Found
  • Content & Captions
  • Instagram Growth
  • Getting Noticed
  • Pro Marketing Tips

PRO Facebook & Instagram Ads Training worth £495!

We’ve drafted in Natalie who is an expert Ad strategist to custom make us some highly detailed step-by-step video training, particularly for us in the hair industry. This 13 module training programme (lasting 2 hours 18 minutes) is in depth but broken down into bitesize modules to help you understand it better. The training will take you from totally clueless or total beginner to knowing exactly how to set up and run amazing professional ads, generate business, grow your brand and get you in front of your dream clientele every day.

Exclusively custom created for The Hair Extension Group Ltd and those who work within the hairdressing and hair extension industry!

Ad Lessons that will be included:

  • Creating your Business Manager on Facebook
  • Pixel (what it is, why you need it and how to install it)
  • Apple iOS 14 update (what it ins and how it affects your ads)
  • Domain verification
  • Facebook Ads Policies
  • Ideal Client Avatar
  • Your Customer Journey (Funnel)
  • Setting up your Events
  • Aggregated Events
  • Setting up your Audiences
  • Anatomy of an Ad
  • Ad Copy
  • Ad Creative
  • Ad Hierarchy and Types of Campaigns
  • Setting up a Traffic Campaign
  • Setting up a Conversion Campaign
  • Setting up an Ad Set
  • Setting up an Ad
  • Troubleshooting/Scaling

Pricing and Profits Masterclass with Maddi Cook

Learn where to start with your prices and how to structure your profits correctly so that they that will suit your individual business needs.

Consultation mini masterclass with Ola Goldsmith

Consultation mini masterclass with Hair Extension Pro Jaclyn

Accounting advice PDF from Whitehall Accountants

Not Enrolled
£299 plus VAT

Course Includes

  • 10 Modules
  • 20 Sections
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The Hair Extension Group is eagerly anticipating and planning the next phase of our journey. We are excited to embark on new ventures and techniques that meet the needs of both our existing and future customers in the realm of professional hair extensions. We are determined to take our business to new heights and expand our reach.

To facilitate this growth, it is with mixed emotions that we announce that Ola Goldsmith will transition away from ownership of The Hair Extension Group and Naked Weave. However, we want to emphasise that Ola’s departure is met with our full support, as we believe it is necessary to propel the company forward. Ola will be focusing on her own business coaching, training, and events while remaining an ambassador for The Hair Extension Group. Ola’s support for the company and its customers will continue for the near future.

As we embark on our respective new chapters, we extend our thanks to everyone who has contributed to our journey thus far. Without your support, we would not be where we are today. We remain committed to providing you with the same exceptional service quality and products that you have come to expect from us. Your satisfaction will continue to be our top priority.

The Hair Extension Group is ready to look at new opportunities and push boundaries. Rest assured, we remain dedicated to delivering the exceptional service and products that have made us who we are.

Thank you for your trust, loyalty, and encouragement. Together, continue to make strides in the world of hair extensions.

The Hair Extension Group