Grow Your Hair Extension Business with A Beautiful Salon

If you’re working to grow your hair extension business and increase your clientele, you’re probably hyper-focused on training, improving your techniques, advertising, and maybe even hiring staff!

But a surefire way to get your salon in front of more eyes – for free?

A hashtag #instagramworthy salon!

Why does your decor and salon space matter? Because it takes your client’s journey from a Hair Appointment to an Experience. And as the saying goes: pics or it didn’t happen, right?

#Instgramworthy Encourages Your Clients to Share Pics

Give your clients a reason to take that pic in your salon. In the age of Instagram, everyone is always looking for the next post that’s going to give them more likes and followers – a beautiful backdrop to newly-done locks is the perfect opportunity for them – and the perfect exposure for your salon.

But don’t panic: you don’t have to put a pink phone booth in your salon or create a tropical oasis. A simple stunning accent wall can make all the difference.

#Instagramworthy Makes it Easier for you to Promo Your Salon

But it’s not just about the photo op for your clients – it’s about curating that brand and how you can position your salon online as well. Look at this cute photo from Impress to announce their re-opening after COVID-19 closures:

Having a well-lit and nicely decorated salon (or whatever space you’re working out of) makes it easier for you to take nice photos to post on social media and promote yourself as well. Who wouldn’t want to come here and spend a few hours getting taken care of?!

So many of us in the industry post only (or mostly) before and after photos or images of long, glorious hair – but while this does an amazing job of highlighting your skills, clients today are looking for more than just expert technicians. They want to be part of a brand. They want to visit a salon where they feel comfortable, taken care of, and at home. Showcasing your beautiful salon on social media helps bridge that gap for them and show them exactly what they can expect when they visit you for the first time.

Remember, you don’t have to go overboard or stress about your salon decor! But a quick trip to your local craft shop and you can have a beautifully framed mirror or some flower accents on a blank wall. Even a small wall-papered section can make all the difference!

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