How to Build a Successful Hair Extension Business on Social Media

If you’re ready to go out on your own and launch your own hair extension business, one of the first things you’re probably going to do is grab that instagram handle and set up your account! Time to show the world (or at least, your local area) how beautiful you can make them look and feel!

But…how? How do you reach your audience? How do you actually get them in your chair? Here are three tips for growing your hair extension business on social media:

Tip #1 for Growing Your Hair Extension Business: Make a Plan

It might sound obvious (and boring), but simply posting hap-hazardly and without a plan is going to take much longer to start seeing an impact versus if you sit down and create a plan of action to follow first.

A plan will help you set clear goals for yourself and keep you focused on your targets (and help you create content that aligns with that goal!). Research your competition to see what is and isn’t working for them, do an audit of your own social media to see what’s worked for you in the past (and what hasn’t), and come up with some content types you’d like to share on a regular basis. This can include before and afters, tips and tricks for other stylists, tips for your clients, and behind the scenes, just to name a few!

Tip #2 for Growing Your Hair Extension Business: Build Relationships

Once you know who your audience is and the kind of client you want to attract, it’s time to go find them! Use tools like location tags and Hashtags to find people you’d like to connect with, and engage with them. Keep in mind that following and liking a few posts likely isn’t enough. You’ll want to build trust with your ideal clients, so comment on their posts, react to their stories, and essentially build online friendships! Remember, social media is social. Start by focusing on building relationships with your ideal clients, and then they will grow to trust you and your work and end up in your chair in no time!

Tip #3 for Growing Your Hair Extension Business: Don’t be afraid to Sell!

Many business owners, especially women, are often hesitant to sell or promote their services on social media because they don’t want to come across as spammy or pushy – but don’t forget, you’re here to grow your business and make money! You can’t do that without selling!

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is the 80/20 rule: 80% of your content should be value-based (that’s the stuff that’s going to help build trust with your audience) and 20% should be sales-focused content. Promote your services, promote your products, and be sure to let people know exactly how they can book with you. Link in bio? Send a DM? Be clear!

Social media can be a huge boost for your business; many entrepreneurs are using it almost exclusively to grow! If you start with a plan, engage with your audience so they’ll start to really know, like, and trust you, and finally sell to them unapologetically, then you can, too!

If you have more questions about how to grow your hair extension business on social media, check out our training programmes, tutorials, and courses. 

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