Individual Extensions Vs Weave’s

Tired of your fine hair? Dream of more volume? Wanting a few extra inches? Or, just scrolling on Instagram for new inspirations and all you see is celebrities and influencers raving about hair extensions? If you are any of these people, don’t worry, because you are in the right place.

Hair extensions are all the rage this year, and have been for some time now. Weaves and individual hair extensions are two of the most popular methods right now. They aren’t just a way for you to give yourself a fake out on IG or a quick makeover. When chosen and installed properly, you give yourself a ton of options. So, today, let’s discuss what individual hair extensions and weave hair extensions are, and which ones are going to be just the right fit for you!

Individual hair extensions, as the name suggests, are individually applied in the hundreds and are suitable for most hair types. They are typically attached to the natural hair with some sort of adhesive or a small lock/ring. Generally they are suited to those with thinner hair as they are very lightweight and flexible.

Individual extensions have many names, such as Tiny Tips, Nano Tips, Bonds Etc. They cannot be be self-fitted, so you’ll definitely need to chose a trusted and suitably qualified professional. Easy to style, and relatively lightweight even in high ponytails – the only setback to them is that they are sometimes visible in the most fine hair types. If the extensions peeking out is a no-go area for you, then you will firstly want to discuss your realistic expectations with the stylist at your consultation, as each hair type can expect different results.

Here comes our personal favourite. Hair extensions fitted using the weave technique are for people who want thicker hair, maximum volume, and want faster fitting times. They are seamless and made on a continuous strip, wefted together. They can look very natural, and are for people who want to totally transform their natural hair.

The various weave techniques like the LA Weave or the Flat Track Weave are secure and blend well with your natural hair. They cover your blunt cuts and blend with the thicker hair well. You get the extra length and volume in your hair, that you’ve always dreamed of. What’s more, in late 2019 weave’s had a huge break through with the release of the Naked Weave technique which is the most discreet way to apply them, hiding the ring based connection from all angles and the thread is virtually invisible, making high pony tails much more discreet. Weaves are held better in thicker hair but a lot of those with fine hair can also enjoy the same benefits if applied correctly by a trusted technician.

Both, individual and weave hair extensions, have their charm & pros and cons. The decision on whether to choose individual extensions or a weave depends on your personal preferences and suitability. Although people consider individuals and weave hair extensions on the same level producing similar results, there is a difference. With weaves like the latest Naked Weave, they are discreet and blend into your natural hair like they were never there. However, they can be worn up high on a less frequent basis due to their weight. So, when people tell you that weaves might prompt a hair loss, you know that’s not true if you are going for a credible, professional that provides you with the correct aftercare advice. You know your hair better than everyone else, but here we are the experts in individual hair extensions and weaves. You now know which door to knock for your individual VS weave extension queries!


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