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Facebook and Instagram Ads – you know, the sponsored ones that follow you around with all your favourite interests and products, the ones that look all pretty and professional. Yeah, those ones that only big companies and expensive ad agencies have access to…. Guess what?

We can teach you how to use them professionally YOURSELF to grow your business and get more of your dream clients. But how?

Well, it’s not totally easy so we’ve drafted in Natalie who is an expert Ad strategist, to custom make us some highly detailed step-by-step video training particularly for us in the hair industry. This 13 module training programme is in depth but broken down to help you understand it better. The training will take you from totally clueless or total beginner to knowing exactly how to set up and run amazing ads, generate business, grow your brand and get you in front of your dream clientele every day. You don’t need big budgets to run ads, you can actually start running ads for as little as £1 a day.

You’ll get a lifetime access to this training! So you can refresh and re-educate yourself as often as you like.

Total Running Time: 2 hrs 18 minutes.






Professional Facebook and Instagram Ads Manager

Is it time market your business like a pro? Want to know how to use Ads Manager to generate brand recognition, gain new customers and target your EXACT dream clients? We’re not talking about hitting that boost button. NO! We’re talking about the real Ads Manager, the back office that all of the pro marketing agencies and big companies use.

Exclusively custom created for The Hair Extension Group Ltd and those who work within the hairdressing and hair extension industry!

Ad Lessons that will be included:

  • Creating your Business Manager on Facebook
  • Pixel (what it is, why you need it and how to install it)
  • Apple iOS 14 update (what it ins and how it affects your ads)
  • Domain verification
  • Facebook Ads Policies
  • Ideal Client Avatar
  • Your Customer Journey (Funnel)
  • Setting up your Events
  • Aggregated Events
  • Setting up your Audiences
  • Anatomy of an Ad
  • Ad Copy
  • Ad Creative
  • Ad Hierarchy and Types of Campaigns
  • Setting up a Traffic Campaign
  • Setting up a Conversion Campaign
  • Setting up an Ad Set
  • Setting up an Ad
  • Troubleshooting/Scaling

You’ll learn:

Video 1:

Intro & Set-up (8:05)

  • Introduction on how to get started with Facebook & Instagram ads

Video 2:

Facebook Pixel + Domain Verification (13:04)

  • What is a Facebook Pixel, why it is important and how to set it up
  • What the Apple iOS 14 updates mean for running Facebook ads
  • How to verify your domain on Facebook
  • Important Links

Video 3:

Ideal Client + Customer Journey (9:14)

  • How to figure out the right interests to target and understanding the customer journey that people go through to become a client

Video 4:

Events (9:22)

  • How to create Events to track the actions that people have taken on your website and how to prioritize these Events so you can use them in your campaigns

Video 5:

Audiences (12:08)

  • The different types of audiences you can target with Facebook ads and how to create them

Video 6:

The Anatomy of an Ad (22:56)

  • Learn the different components that make up an ad.
  • How to write magnetizing ad copy – including two frameworks for high-converting ad copy
  • How to create eye-catching creative for your ads
  • My secret hack to getting inspiration for your ads
  • Important links:
    • Facebook’s Ads Policies
    • Free Facebook Blueprint Course on Policies
    • Link to free tool to create graphics

Video 7:

Ad Hierarchy & Types of Campaigns (8:33)

  • The different levels used when setting up your ads and the different types of campaign objectives that you can run

Video 8:

Setting up a Message Campaign (10:34)

  • How to set up an ad campaign that will get more people into your DMs

Video 9:

Setting up a Traffic Campaign (4:16)

  • How to set up an ad campaign that will drive more traffic to your website

Video 10:

Setting up a Conversion Campaign (4:41)

  • How to set up an ad campaign that will get people to take a specific action on your website

Video 11:

Setting up an Ad Set (15:38)

  • How to set up your audiences at the ad set level

Video 12:

Setting up an Ad (14:23)

  • How to set up the actual ad within your campaign

Video 13:

Troubleshooting & Scaling (5:59)

  • How do know if your ad is performing well
  • What key performance indicators to look for within your campaigns
  • How to scale without breaking your campaign
  • Important Links:
    • Link to Natalies website if you need any additional assistance with your ads

There is no qualification for this training programme, this is an information only programme and is strictly non-refundable upon purchase. This training is recommended for business owners.


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