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About The Hair Extension Group

Dedicated to helping and developing those working in the hair extension industry.

Part of the Naked Weave brand, The Hair Extension Group is all about helping ambitious hair extension professionals to start and/or grow their business and improve their skills.

Providing online and location based accredited training courses in four of the most popular techniques, which includes our own trade marked ‘Naked Weave’. We also give advice, value, tips and tricks to help your business grow. We provide free information, tutorials and advice for the most popular hair extension techniques, as well as playing host to an active community within our Facebook group, we’re there to offer support to all hair extension professionals, no matter what methods you do, or what stage of the journey you’re at.

We’re a helpful community there to support each other through the good and the difficult.in

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About The Naked Weave

Where it all started.

Ola Goldsmith founded Naked Weave Ltd in 2019 after 7 years of building her hair extension business from scratch with no previous experience, into a six figure thriving salon based business.

After years of ups and downs and 4 years of teaching many of the standard techniques, she developed her own discreet weave application technique, which in turn took the hair extension industry by storm and enabled her to teach more of the other popular techniques in her own flawless way.

Being the first specialist discreet weft training of it’s kind gave Naked Weave almost instant success and credibility including celebrity fans and being loved by some of the most inspirational technicians in the business.

We now teach Naked Weave, Naked Locks, Tapes and Nano Ring Hair Extensions.

What We Offer

Learn to fit hair extensions in a discreet and unique way, with the option to learn how transform your business into a well known and recognised brand.

Training for ambitious, motivated and driven hair extension professionals or those aspiring to be.

Our Mission

To help ambitious hair specialists who want more customers and bigger profits to achieve their full potential and become more established.

Shop a range of luxury products from our own brands and favuorite suppliers.

Naked Weave technicians get 20% discount on our Naked Weave branded products.

Beautiful Hair

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Styling Inspiration

Current Trends, Styling Tips and Much More

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Eyebrows Extension Weekend

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Customer Reviews

What Our Naked Weave Technicians Say About Our Courses

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