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20″ Ghost Weft 60G

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Ghost Weft™ is constructed to have a track which is approximately 75% smaller than most other weft types, making it the smallest, most discreet weft ever!

Our hair is sourced from Western European countries such as Spain and Italy. Slightly thicker in its texture than many other origins, our hair is kept silky and smooth whilst being slowly and gently processed with the cuticles correctly aligned for the highest quality and longest lasting hair extensions.

Premium Double Drawn.

We recommend 2+ packs for volume and length and 1 pack for volume.

Ghost Weft™ is for professional use only. You must be qualified in weave hair extensions in order to use the Ghost Weft™.

Please do not pierce the weft track during fitting.

Our hair can last 1218+ months with the correct full aftercare.

Lighter and more Ashtoned colours can last 912+ months with the correct full aftercare. These shades will have undergone slightly more processing for the finished result.

Poor aftercare and excessive heat can reduce the lifespan of our hair extensions. For best results and longevity of hair, we supply our own THEG aftercare products.

Width 85cm

*We recommend using smaller clips to hold the Ghost Weft in place whilst sewing due it’s small size and light weight.

***GHOST WEFT™ CONTAINS LATEX*** Please ensure you check your client does not have any latex allergies before fitting the Ghost Weft™.

Please read our full Terms and Conditions PLUS Aftercare Guide before purchase.

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